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Most primary schools are committed to developing the whole child and in education today, where the main emphasis seems to be ever one of promoting the academic areas of literacy and numeracy, it is fantastic to see the opportunities primary schools have had to broaden the range of artistic activities in the school curriculum. This year, once again, Opera Brava has had the privilege of working with twelve local primary schools, giving the children an insight into the world of opera

‘It was a sheer delight to be involved in such a tremendous project and with such dedicated people.’


Reviews: What the children thought….

‘ I wanted to do it over and over again’

‘I will never forget doing the opera, it was so much fun’

‘When I grow up I would like to be an opera singer’

‘Me and my mates can’t stop singing the songs’

‘The best bit was when we all sang together it nearly made me cry.’

‘I didn’t realise that Opera could be such fun. I hope we can do it again soon.’

‘Thank you for turning us into opera singers! We really enjoyed ourselves’

‘My Grandma keeps on saying every 5 minutes that it was magic.’

‘It was really great fun and I’m still singing the songs now.’

‘I will remember that day forever.’

‘At first it was hard and complicated but in the end it was easy and fun.’

‘I learned that Opera is much more than singing it is fun.’

‘If I could I would definitely do it 1000 times more.’